What are built-in features?

Intersect’s built-in features are the most fundamental tools
that businesses need: work tracking and schedule. You can
use these features right away.

Team Transparency

Track when team members are online, their login location, and what they did during that time.

Budget Projection

Compare progress with time spent. Our budget projection tool lets you measure money spent against a timeline to keep projects within budget restraints.

Search Tool

A unified search lets you find tickets, events, employees, attachments, commits, and more. This leaves you free to focus on real work, not managing it.

Event Logger

Our Activity Tracker gives you a quick overview of your team’s progress and activities. You can immediately see the newest push to Github, new ticket comments, or any other update from our growing suite of third-party integrations.

What is Integration?

Get all the updates from all your tools in one place. Connect Jira, Github, GSuite, and more to your Intersect dashboard. By bringing all tools in one tool kit, you can streamline your workflow. Some examples of these apps are Jira, Github, and Google Apps. By bringing all tools in one tool kit, you can streamline your workflow.

Tools Integration:

✔ Development Pipeline
✔ Project Management
✔ Version Control
✔ Deployment
✔ GSuite
✔ Wikis

Your office in mobile

Transform your phone into a powerful collaborative space. Our mobile app gives you access to all of Intersect’s powerful features while you’re on the go.