Intersect organizes cluttered human resource, productivity, and collaboration tools.
This app is built by developers who have an agile mindset but did not have an agile
toolset (yet!).

Who are we

We are a group of software engineers, quality analysts, content specialists, project managers, and marketing strategists. We figured how to work as a team a long time ago. But teamwork outside of the office and across timezones remained challenging for us.

We do creative things. We put creativity in our code, on our web pages, and in the way we connect with the world. To maximize creativity, we put effort to maximize freedom.

We believe that teamwork can happen whenever and wherever. We also believe that setting up the workplace should not take as much effort as the work itself.

What We Do

Our Platform

We built Intersect to become more efficient in the things that we do. Our goal is to provide essential built-in productivity tools — the most basic things that we all need to work as a team.

We then make it possible to connect your favorite third-party tools through Open Authorization (OAuth). This opens new channels for different minds from different teams, across different timezones, to work as a harmonious whole.

Your office in mobile

Transform your phone into a powerful collaborative space. Our mobile app gives you access to all of Intersect’s powerful features while you’re on the go.