Productivity meets

Intersect brings all your work tools in one web app.
Access HR and productivity tools all in one place.

Collaboration Unified and Redefined

Bring Flow to Your Workflow

Flow is when work happens smoothly and continuously with maximum focus. Intersect saves you time by consolidating events and data from multiple systems used for development and project management.

Make collaboration happen anytime

Collaboration is actively working together towards a shared goal.

Let the work do the reporting

Work is when individual effort leads to collective progress. Intersect gathers activities on apps like Jira and Github — so you can track project progress from multiple platforms all at once.

Track multiple projects all at once so you can track individual task progress in one glance.


Built-in Tools

Location, payroll, and human resource tools
right at your homescreen.

Integrated Tools

All your productivity, project management, and development tools all in one place.

Customizable Integration

Need to integrate other systems? Let’s chat.

Your office in mobile

Transform your phone into a powerful collaborative space. Our mobile app gives you access to all of Intersect’s powerful features while you’re on the go.